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The future of renewable -energy investments

The transformation of today’s world surpasses all expectations.
Revolutions of thought and technology occur seemingly ever closer from one year to the next.
At Chrome Investments we nurture projects and ideas that will change the world for the better and will contribute to fortifying economic stances.
Success of Hong Kong’s renewable energy plan depends on ‘salesmanship’ of power companies, experts say.


Chrome Investments seeks state of the art advancements in renewable-energy and teams who have the potential to fulfill their capabilities. We believe that by investing in technological businesses in the renewable -energy market and help them reach emerging markets, we are both helping our planet and capitalizing on it as well.

We believe that by establishing a strong market for green energy, we are advancing the cleansing of our Earth from polluted air, land and water. We directly contribute to create a world where our children will enjoy full technological advances while being able to enjoy nature at its full magnificence.


At Chrome Investments we practice full transparency in all of our investments and portfolio management.

We believe in a straightforward approach to our investor clientele and partners and in setting clear measurable goals.

As an investor you will find it simple to reach our team at any time, have access to any relevant information and actively participate in the process as you see fit.


Chrome Investments was founded in 2016 by Cristian Denilson, a veteran entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Denilson leads an effective and highly motivated team.

By utilizing a broad network, we recruited the best minds, strategically positioned to achieve the best possible results, and to make absolutely sure that clients' money is put to the most valuable use at all times.

We are always on a never-ending quest to expand our reach through our network of partners and affiliates, which we believe to be our most valuable asset.


All investments are managed by our -in-house team of professionals, all highly experienced in renewable- energy projects.

In recent years we have invested over $20 M in projects across Southeast-Asia.

Our head office is located in Hong-Kong.

As a global hub for technological renovations and an emerging market for renewable-energy, East-Asian markets provides endless opportunities.

We invest in state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies in the renewable-energy sector.

While our vision is to make our planet cleaner and more livable, as an investing firm, we set our goals primarily on creating high-yielding investment opportunities for our clientele.

Our success enables us to make our vision - a reality.

Our investment portfolio is diverse in fields as well as in risk.

We believe that each investor is unique. This is why prior to presenting an investment opportunity, we tailor each portfolio to meet the short and long term goals, risk levels and expected returns, based on its individual needs and qualities.

In addition to providing investment opportunities Chrome Investments offers

• Investment Management

• Investment Consultancy

• Negotiations and Due Diligence services

• Investment Development

We typically accept client portfolios of $100K or higher. However, we believe that added value can be found even in smaller investment and invite investors of all calibers to contact us.


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Investing in renewable energy is an investment field with high-yielding returns when properly done.
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